In the course of our observational work and data analysis, we have developed several software programs. Please contact us if you want to discuss how to acquire these programs or how best to employ them.

  1. Coding of observational data: This is really a ‘software suite’, which was developed to facilitate the research reported by Tredoux et al. (2005), who used a digital photograph methodology to study racialised patterns of seating over time on public steps. The programs:
    • assist in the coding of data from digital photographs
    • animate the coded data with an interactive 3D type display, and
    • animate the coded data with a modifiable 3D type display. Please contact Professor Colin Tredoux for further information.
  2. Computation of segregation indices: SegStat is a program for calculating two standard indices of segregation (D and P), using data gathered in micro-ecological settings. It also provides bootstrap-type tests of statistical significance for each computed index, which have been used in several of our studies.
  3. Seating adjacencies: We have also devised a program for calculating segregation expressed via the patterning of seating adjacencies, which is based on Campbell et al.’s adjacency index (see: Campbell, D.T., Kruskal, W.H., & Wallace, W.P. (1966). Seating aggregation as an index of attitude. Sociometry, 29, 1-15.) This facilitated the research reported by Koen and Durrheim (submitted).